A powerful and intuitive Oracle deck which connects the world of tarot reading, divination, and story telling.
Each card of this innovative deck of cards also comes to life and speaks to you when viewed through a smartphone or tablet thanks to Augmented Reality technology.
Oracolarium is has come to life, and you can be part of the adventure!

Oracolarium was created by Andrea Aste and Neil Kelso - and it is all thanks to our amazing supporters on Kickstarter. To find out more about it, you can see the video we created for the launch of that Campaign back in January 2020. The campaign was an even bigger success than we had dared hope, and now it has all come to life!

Oracolarium is now available for sale, and is shipping worldwide (whilst stocks last).


Find out more information, and buy your Oracolarium today from our online shop.

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Oracolarium is an independent creation by Andrea Aste and Neil Kelso.


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We'd love for you to join us on the adventure.

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