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Oracolarium: The Night Symphony

Stepping into Oracolarium is a multi-sensorial experience. Immersing yourself in the universe of Oracolarium, you can find yourself conversing with illustrations, interacting with animations, and flying through atmospheric soundscapes.

To accompany you on your Oracolarium journey, an album of original compositions by Neil Kelso offer a rich aural landscape can help you to activate parts of your intuition and imagination that other oracles can't reach.  


Music is a powerful and ancient form of magic, and these 28 musical moments use cutting-edge audio technology to give you a rich binaural orchestral soundtrack which blends with recordings of nature and daily life to surround you with sources of inspiration and intuition.

Give yourself a purely audio "card reading" experience by meditating on a question, and then playing this album on "shuffle" mode. What soundscapes do you find yourself in? What story has been generated for you?

Alternatively, use this resource to meditate deeply on a card that is important to you. Allow this audio imaginarium to be your guide, your companion, and your muse.

Companion Booklet

To give you a deeper insight into each of the 28 original compositions, we invite you to delve into the companion booklet written by composer Neil Kelso and illustrated by Andrea Aste.

Click here to download the Companion Booklet.

This unique and powerful addition to the Oracolarium universe was made possible by our amazing Kickstarter backers to whom we are very grateful indeed.


Our quest to research and develop magical innovations continues - if you'd like to be kept updated, we invite you to join our mailing list and follow us on social media.

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