The Oracolarium Deck

The Oracolarium deck is available on Kickstarter from Friday 17th January 2020. Click here for more info: Oracolarium Kickstarter

Oracolarium is a deck of cards, unlike any deck that has ever existed before because it combines wisdom from many powerful divination systems in one place.


The cards guide you through a journey that tells stories, answers questions, and connects the parallel worlds of tarot reading, divination, stage performance, and storytelling. The deck is accompanied by a Book of Spells that teach you how to use the deck from beginner to very advanced levels.

When viewed through a smartphone or tablet, the cards come to life via Augmented Reality: speak to you and provide you with insights that will spark your intuition and creativity.

The title Oracolarium reflects the fact that this Oracle Deck contains many systems of divination - a kaleidoscope of intuition. It will speak in different languages to each person who uses it. Everything worth knowing (and everything else as well), can be learned from these cards. 

© 2019 by Oracolarium. By Andrea Aste & Neil Kelso

26 Death

Starring the legendary Burlesque Artist Miss Jolie Papillon as Mermaid Jolie.