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The Oracolarium Deck

I am not omniscient ... but I know a lot.


Oracolarium is a completely new kind of deck for divination, storytelling, and more.

This deck of 28 cards combines the simplicity of an Oracle Deck, with the wisdom of Tarot, and the thrill of a fully immersive Augmented Reality experience.

The cards guide you through a journey that tells stories, answers questions, and connects the parallel worlds of tarot reading, divination, stage performance, and storytelling. The deck is accompanied by a Book of Spells that teach you how to use the deck from beginner to very advanced levels.

When viewed through a smartphone or tablet, the cards come to life via Augmented Reality: they speak to you and provide you with insights that will spark your intuition and creativity. Unique animations were created for each card by Andrea Aste, set to a specially composed soundtrack by Neil Kelso.

Where does the name come from?

Oracolarium is both an Oracle (a tool to answer your questions) and an Imaginarium (a place to exercise your imagination). It's like a wunderkammer or curiosity shop where you can connect with your intuition and inspiration.

This Deck is completely beginner-friendly, but it also offers great depth because it contains many systems of divination which will lead you on empowering and enlightening journeys. 

The Oracolarium deck was successfully funded on Kickstarter in February 2020, and is now available to purchase via our online shop.

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