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The Lilliput Tarot is a universal deck of 78 cards, capturing the essence of the classic Rider Waite Smith tradition.


This charming and universal miniature Tarot Deck measures just 55 mm x 30 mm (approx 2” x 1"), and is housed in an elegant travel-sized matchbox style drawer-box.

The minimalist artwork style and the Lilliputian size makes it the perfect Tarot Deck

to carry with you on your adventures. The titles on the cards are written in a special font designed to be particularly accessible to people who experience dyslexia. The distinctive black and white calligraphic illustrations immerse you directly into the archetypes of Tarot.

Inside the box is a web link to Video and PDF resources where you can learn Tarot at a beginner, intermediate, and advanced level, taught by Tarot experts and creators of The Lilliput Tarot, Andrea Aste and Neil Kelso.

“The Lilliput Tarot strips away all that isn’t needed and leaves us with the elegant bare bones of traditional Tarot narrative. This deck, simplistic in design, presents the raw concepts of the 78 cards without the clutter, giving the reader the opportunity to become directly involved in its many plots and storylines.”

-Steven Bright - author of Tarot: Your Personal Guide & The Oracle Creator.

"Truly inspired. A tarot reader’s treasure. This is a deck that in it’s simplicity captures the deep essence of tarot. Worthy of a spot in any tarot collection."
-Gina G. Thies- Creator of Tarot of the Moors and Author of Tarot Coupling: Resources and Resolutions for Relationship Readings.


The Lilliput Tarot by Aste and Kelso

SKU: 1100
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