Essays on Tarot Reversals, Directional Readings, Major Arcana Guidance Cards, and more, but Andrea Aste and Neil Kelso.


This 140 page book by Andrea Aste and Neil Kelso presents tools, frameworks, and lessons from the authors’ combined 30+ years as professional Tarot readers, creators and teachers.


Each essay provides the reader with a focussed set of techniques that will unlock greater clarity in their Tarot practice. Throughout the book, care is taken to show how the toolkits can be tailored to integrate into the reader’s personal experience, culture, beliefs, and interests.


The Lantern Collection is written in a font specially designed to be especially accessible and readable for all people including people who experience dyslexia. The articles are hand-illustrated with worked examples featuring The Lilliput Tarot.


The perfect companion for this book is The Lilliput Tarot, which is also available now.


"This is an important book. There are many on the market which promise to reveal, and teach, the mysteries of Tarot. Few come anywhere near the depths reached by Aste and Kelso. They bring a powerful and natural understanding to the subject, and no matter how skilful and familiar you are with the subject you will learn new and important things within its pages. Highly recommended."

-John Matthews: author of The Goblin Market Tarot and many other acclaimed tarot decks 


"An explosion of confetti and fireworks in a book. When reading the Lantern collection, you are walking through the town fair, or a mysterious carnival, and every page is a new game and a new mystery. Reaching the end, the reader will come out with memorable fun experiences that will keep you wanting for more." 

-Rana George: celebrity reader and diviner, author of the best seller The Essential Lenormand 


"Whether you are the humble beginner or a seasoned professional, it presents a treasure trove of practical exercises and valuable information, waiting to be discovered. Fusing your own experience with cartomantic techniques, this book will help to shape a well-rounded and sharper reader."

-Steven Bright, author of Tarot: Your Personal Guide and The Oracle Creator 


"GORGEOUS, INSPIRED and DELICIOUS. The Lantern Collection is brimming with magic, chock full of fresh, inspired ideas sure to spark your imagination. Take your tarot practice to a new level and fall into the enchanted world of Andrea Aste. You'll be ever so happy you did."

-Sasha Graham: metaphysical author and storyteller, creator and teacher of tarot 


"Clever, fun, insightful, deep, practical, well informed, and uniquely multidisciplinary. The section on directionality is exceptional, adding many new sophisticated layers of insight. Coming from a professional dance background, I found Neil’s incorporation of Laban Movement Analysis brilliant, and is definitely something I will be exploring. These essays are an inspiring and intelligent example of the best of Tarot’s current evolution."

-Joe Monteleone: expert tarot teacher and reader, multidisciplinary performer and mystic 


"The Lantern Collection is filled with fresh ideas to not only improve your Tarot studies and reading skills, but is a book that will blow your mind with its fresh approach to reading Tarot. This is a fantastic contribution to any Tarot lovers bookshelf. Absolutely amazing, thank you Andrea and Neil for sharing your creativity and wisdom."

-Kim Arnold: author, tarot expert and teacher, founder of the UK Tarot Conference 


"A first-rate work for any tarot practitioner. It’s an accessible read that goes to the heart of learning and using tarot. It’s a great fit for anyone on a journey of discovery through the cards." 

-Gina G. Thies: Creator of Tarot of the Moors and Author of Tarot Coupling: Resources and Resolutions for Relationship Readings 

The Lantern Collection: Working with Tarot

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