LIVE: Oracolarium and Tarot Masterclass 

with Andrea Aste and Neil Kelso

Saturday 1st May 2021 

8pm - 10pm London Time

Online - Participants will be sent a Zoom link


Tickets are FREE but limited to only 40 participants, so book early!



... The battle has been raging for hundreds of years.... It's time to talk.


When it comes to Tarot, people often gravitate to one tradition or the other, but is there a third way that brings the benefits of both?! We believe so, and we'll be sharing our experiences with you.

Join Andrea Aste and Neil Kelso for a masterclass in divination, storytelling and creativity with cards.


Learn new ways to read for yourself and for others - whether for self-development or for creative projects. As well as delving deep into Oracolarium and Tarot, you will learn new spreads, new ways to approach big questions, and some new ways to invent stories and be creative with your cards.


Supercharge your readings for 2021 with top tips and techniques from the creators of Oracolarium and The Book of Shadows Tarot. Together we will also venture behind the scenes at their company “Berith and Brimstone” to see exactly how decks of cards come to life - deepen your connection with your decks by taking a journey through the creation process of cards.


The class size is limited to just 40 participants, so you get a chance to ask any questions to the creators of Oracolarium and The Book of Shadows Tarot.


Spaces are limited, so book today!

Live Zoom Masterclass: Sat 1st May 2021

  • Participants will be emailed a link 12 hours prior to the event.