The Genesis Collectors Edition is limited to only 28 editions, because each edition contains a page from Andrea Aste's notebook featuring the original sketches of one of the Oracolarium cards.


This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to own the artist's original sketches for this magical deck. You will also receive the Oracolarium deck, and a full collection of materials, music, and art pieces.

Some elements of the Genesis Collectors Edition will be personalised. When you purchase, you will be given the opportunity to let us know the name you would like to appear on the Membership Certificate and the Alchemical letters.


The Genesis Collectors Edition includes:


  • One page from Andrea Aste's notebook featuring the original hand-drawn sketches showing the early stage work-in-progress of one card's creation. This is unique (1 of 1). The page measures 195 x 270mm (approx 7.5 x 10.5").
  • One superior fine-art Giclée Print of the Oracolarium card on heavyweight acid free archival Museum Paper giving a beautiful fibrous finish. This A5 print comes to life with Augmented Reality animations when viewed through a free app on a smartphone or tablet. The print is on A5 dimension paper measuring 148 x 210 (approx 5.8 x 8.3").
  • One Certificate of Authenticity for the Notebook and Art Print.
  • One Personalised Order of the Cauldron Membership Certificate. The certificate is hand-made and personalised (dedicated to whatever name you choose). It is aged by hand using a technique developed by Andrea Aste, and it is sealed with the Oracolarium seal. The certificate also contains additional hidden codes, clues, and messages which can only be revealed by shining UV light onto your certificate.
  • One portable UV Black Light torch which you can use to reveal the messages hidden in your Membership Certificate.
  • Three Personalised Alchemical Letters. These letters are correspondence from a professor at The Academy of Esoterica, containing advice for unlocking additional power in the Oracolarium. They contain many tips and lessons which will guide you in the use of your Oracolarium. The letters are written to the name you choose. These letters are aged by hand using a technique developed by Andrea Aste. 
  • One Oracolarium Deck of 28 Cards.
  • One Black Organza Bag to keep your cards in.
  • One Triangular Spell Book which is signed by Andrea Aste and Neil Kelso. The spell book provides full meanings of the cards, suggested spreads, spells, and further information. The Spell Book also explains how to use the Augmented Reality app to bring your Oracolarium cards to life (this will also work on your Fine Art Giglée print).
  • One Triangular Magnetic Box which perfectly fits your Spell Book and Deck.
  • The link to download The Night Symphony - an album of 28 original compositions by Neil Kelso to fully immerse you in each Oracolarium card. 
  • The link to download The Night Symphony Album Notes - a printable booklet with explanatory notes written by the composer Neil Kelso, illustrated with artwork by Andrea Aste.
  • The link to download The Atlas - a printable PDF workbook with exercises and rituals to give you a deep informative and reflective journey to from beginner to expert in Oracolarium.

The 28 Genesis Collectors Editions will be allocated randomly. There is only one available per card of Oracolarium - each one is unique and special. Destiny will determine which of the 28 sets you will receive.


The Genesis Collectors Edition is your chance to own a part of Oracolarium history!

Genesis: Oracolarium Collectors Edition

  • Each Genesis Collectors Edition will be wrapped and packaged carefully to ensure safe travel, and it will be delivered to you via Royal Mail.

    The price does not include shipping, which is charged at £5 for United Kingdom, and £15 for Rest of the World. Delivery to UK usually takes approximately one week from ordering, and international delivery usually takes approximately two weeks, though with lockdowns it is possible that it may take a little longer.

    Please note that artwork is not framed. The Giclée Art Print and the Notebook Page will be shipped flat ready to be framed, and the dimensions of the artwork fit many of the "off the shelf" commercially available frames.