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"Having power is not nearly as important

as what you choose to do with it."  Roald Dahl







With great power comes great responsibility. Strength is neither a blessing nor a curse, it is our perspective that makes it so. A small amount of power applied correctly can accomplish more than a great force without control. Will your power endure? What could give you more stamina? Choose your battles carefully and treat your sources of power with respect or they will fade. You are more powerful than you realise.

Be careful. What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? We feel like we are swimming against the tide at times - we can exhaust ourselves by pushing against a wall, but maybe we are making progress that we can't see. Who are the other people involved and are we striving towards the same goal? Actions speak louder than words - check you are pushing in the same direction. The pen is mightier than the sword.


Gargoyle (Dark) Fear is a powerful motivator, but it is not healthy or sustainable in the long term. Seek the light. 

Bat (Dark) Great strength comes from seeing more than our eyes show us.

Planet (Earth) We need solid foundations to stand on. This begins at home.

Bee (Air) Work together - define your roles, collaborate. There is strength in numbers.

Bottle (Water) Be careful not to bottle-up your emotions, be honest with yourself..

Sword (Fire) Visualise your own inner power as a sword you can wield on your quests.





Powerful depicts Atlas, the mighty Titan holding up the Celestial Heavens. The ancient Greek myth of Atlas is perfect for representing the meaning of this card, the struggle and responsibilities that Powerful implies.


The card shows the cosmos, enclosed in a sphere of stars, crossed by the Milky Way, a reference to another Greek myth. The stars are dense with secret references, meaning and poetry... If you place Powerless above Powerful, you will have the whole scene revealed...


The animation shows the Mighty Titan carrying the Cosmos in an empty space...


In the void beyond every galaxy and planet, all stars and moons are glittering... 




We knew from day one that the only person we wanted to collaborate with on this exceptional card was the one and only Sir Leopold Aleksander - Sportsman, Strongman, Circus Artist, Adventurer, and all round paragon of Gentlemanly conduct. 

Known to many as "The Lion of London" or perhaps "The Mighty Moustache", Sir Leopold knows everything there is to know about power, and the proper ways to use it. A true Gentleman as well as a stage, television, and movie star, Sir Leopold can perform astonishing feats of strength (such as rolling up a frying-pans or bending iron bars with his bare hands, or lifting weights that would seem impossible for one person to lift), Sir Leopold also has a deep love and respect for the legacy Strong performers throughout history, and mythology. In this card you can see Sir Leopold carrying the firmament on his back - a huge responsibility. He must at once be a Strong-man and Gentle-man.


Place the Powerless card above the Powerless card. Have you noticed that they connect? What does this tell us about them?

Click here to discover more about: Sir Leopold Aleksander


The winds may howl but you are resolute and determined. Listen to the baseline. Those solid steps are planted firmly as you steadily climb the mountain. The intense electronic synth gives a thick, sturdy, purposeful ascending impact, and it sustains unwaveringly until the next step is planted. The effort repeats, but what began as a solo effort soon is joined by increasing momentum from other sections. The momentum is building. You are powerful.


Do you have a favourite Greek Hero? Discover Stephen Fry's Favourite Greek Hero is on YouTube!

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