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Welcome, Explorers!

As a very special kickstarter backer who pledged to receive "The Marvellous Portal", we welcome you to this secret space which contains important information about the very special Reading Cloth you will receive.

The Shapeshifting Reading Cloth


Such was the enthusiasm of the worlds reaction to Oracolarium, a magical stretch goal was unlocked... The dream of creating an incredibly powerful reading cloth that would invite you further into the Oracolarium Imaginarium came true!


It is the first reading cloth of its kind. It not only provides a balanced and energising space to perform readings, to cast charms, or to explore your intuition, it is also a shape-shifting guide that will invent new spreads for you, and offer meditations, and show you deep connections that might otherwise have been missed.

We developed the cloth, and tested it in our own readings, and invited friends and colleagues to explore its potential with us too. Very quickly we realised it was far more than a static doorway between worlds... it seems to be... alive.

And so calling it "The Marvellous Portal" seemed inappropriate. It asked instead for us to call it "The Familiar" ... because it is a living, breathing, shape-shifting guide and guardian who will accompany you on your journeys through your imagination and intuition.

Below is a link for you to download your PDF instructions which will introduce you to your new Familiar. It provides a simple pathway from very simple rituals right up to very powerful techniques to combine your Oracolarium with Tarot and other esoteric wisdom.

Click here to download The Familiar PDF Instructions.

Thank you once again for joining us on this quest. We would love to hear about your adventures, and we will be sharing more information and guidance for you over the coming weeks and months - ideas that connect to The Familiar, Oracolarium, other traditions like Tarot, and more.

What's Next?

Drumroll ... It gives us immense pleasure to share some very special information with you.


We wanted you to hear it first!


Following on from the success of our Oracolarium kickstarter campaign we (Andrea Aste and Neil Kelso), have decided to take a huge leap forwards with our creative work, and to establish an official laboratory for sharing knowledge, tools, ideas and innovation.


The laboratory is called “Berith and Brimstone”. We are a completely independent company - taking charge of our own destiny and setting forth on a quest to serve the world with magical inventions. 


We will be creating more resources to support Oracolarium, so stay tuned right here in this secret room for more videos, more spreads, and more tips for connecting between Oracolarium, Tarot and other worlds.

 In order to support our ongoing research and development, we have launched a Patreon page. Anyone able to support us through that platform will get exclusive behind the scenes insights into what we’re developing, as well as regular Tarot and Oracolarium readings, lessons, and tools. 


If that’s something you might be interested in, click on the link below to read more:

Click here to visit Berith and Brimstone on Patreon.


Thank you everyone for supporting us. Without you, our journey simply wouldn’t be possible, and we are forever grateful. It honestly makes our day every time we see someone sharing a selfie with the book, or a picture of Oracolarium coming to life with the augmented reality. You’re all amazing!


We’re so excited to all be bringing Oracolarium to life - so please keep sharing the magic with your friends!


Most splendiferous wishes,


Andrea and Neil

Berith and Brimstone

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