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"When you put love out in the world it travels, and it can touch people and reach people in ways that we never even expected."  Laverne Cox







Love is a force that holds the universe together. Bound by love, people are simultaneously multiple and singular. Love only sustains if it is built upon a strong foundation of self-acceptance. Self-knowledge is what gives context and authenticity to the love we have for important people and special places. "Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The complex dance of love takes a lifetime to learn, and requires intimate communication between everyone involved in and impacted by the love. Love changes our orbits. The love between the Earth and the Moon also moves the tides. The ripples of love are sent out into the world. Sometimes it will return as an echo, other times as a tidal-wave. Love is one of the strongest powers you can conjure, so dance with all your heart.


Diamond (Earth) Jewels are a precious, beautiful and strong gift, investment or commitment. 

Flower (Earth) Flowers, like love, are delicate beautiful, fragile and grounded.

Sun (Light) We naturally orbit around a source of love, light and warmth: the sun and our loved-ones.

Gargoyle (Dark) Love and kindness drives out fear, fear that can corrupt passion.

Bird (Air) Authentic pure selfless love gives us freedom to transcend and see beyond the horizon.

Match (Fire) A spark of pure passion can ignite huge transformation.





Argentina, Buenos Aires. 1935.

In a little dark street of La Boca, the barrio (neighbourhood) near the old port, there's a cafe. The words of a beautiful love song are dancing in the air :

“Por una cabeza

todas las locuras

su boca que besa 

borra la tristeza,

calma la amargura.”


(Losing by a head

there was all that madness;

her mouth in a kiss

wipes out the sadness,

it soothes the bitterness.)


Tango! Inside the cosy place, a couple dances to the lyric of the famous song by Carlos Gardel. Love, attraction, sensuality... it is the game of seduction, it is Tango! 



The couple is dancing to a bright Tango, nothing else exists, nothing else matters. We see the cafe inside the silhouette of their sensuous movements, all the rest is pitch dark. Only their love matters, the attraction between them, the erotic tension... 


Por una cabeza

si ella me olvida

que importa perderme,

mil veces la vida

para que vivir...


(Losing by a head/ if she forgets me,/ no matter to lose/ my life a thousand times;/ what to live for?)



Love is a force of attraction that brings together very different people from very different backgrounds who passionately want to create a story together. Not just people, but different industries, technologies, art forms, and cultures dance with each other and grow as a result of a shared passion for adventure.


Representing that meeting of worlds, we are very honoured that Sideshow, Fire performer, Dancer, and Cabaret Star Hannah Lou, and Circus, Martial-Arts, Theatre and Film Star Hauk Pattison collaborated with us to bring to life the cards for Love and Hate. Two exceptional artistes who both create beautiful and powerful performances in the presence of danger (death-defying heights, sharp blades, and searing heat). Passion, split-second timing, pin-point precision, fast-thinking, crystal-clear communication, exhaustive preparation, and an unwavering commitment to attention-to-detail are the essential strong foundations upon which their beautiful stories are woven.


Love seduces us into its embrace. It is bewitching, enchanting, and intoxicating. The flirtatious chromatic motifs of an Argentine Tango tease us step by step onto the dance-floor. Listening in stereo, you will hear the music drift around you. Is the accordionist dancing with you? Or is the room spinning? The soaring melody played on heart-strings sweeps us up and then plunges us into a death-defying dip. Love entwines us in a rollercoaster of surprises and delicate footwork. The atmosphere is electrified by the dance of traditional and modern percussive beats. May I have this dance?


Listen to Carlos Gardel on Spotify and watch Carlos Saura's movie Tango. Watch the Tango movie trailer on YouTube.

We also love Christiane Karam Quartet's performance at the Mediterranean Music Institute Casa Arabe of the beautiful traditional Andalusian song "Lamma Bada Yatathanna". Watch it now on YouTube.

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