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The Lilliput Tarot

Welcome to the online home of all things Lilliput Tarot!

The Lilliput Tarot is designed to be accessible - the illustrations are minimalist and clear, and the font is designed specially to be easy to read - even for people who experience dyslexia.

It is also designed to be universal - you'll find it neatly captures the essence of the powerful and popular Rider Waite Smith Tarot tradition, whilst also being instantly recognisable for people who follow other traditions such as Marseilles or Thoth.

And it's also designed to be practical - it's small enough to carry with you everywhere, but without being too small to be easily shuffled, spread, dealt, cut and fanned.

Learn to use your Lilliput Tarot

Learning the Basic Meanings

If you're completely new to Tarot, or if you can't ever quite remember the various different meanings of some of the cards, the very best place for you to start is to print yourself a copy of our keyword sheet. 

Click here to download the Lilliput Tarot Keywords Sheet as a PDF.

You can print this one-sheet summary out and have it close to hand whenever you use your Lilliput Tarot (it's also a universal set of meanings, so you might find it helpful with other Tarot decks you may own).

With your Lilliput Tarot in your hands, you can shuffle them and think of a question you'd like the cards to answer. Try to think of a good open question like "What could I focus on today in order to achieve xyz better?" ... then draw a single card out of the deck. Use your intuition as well as the Keywords Sheet to interpret the answer that your cards have given you.

Once you've gotten the hang of doing these single-card draws, you might like to try dealing two or three cards to give you added dimensions and nuance to your reading. We have included several suggested "three card spreads" on the Keywords Sheet. By drawing three random cards and attributing meaning to each card, you can see a situation from different perspectives. For example the first card could explore the "Past" of your current question, the second could explore "Present" energies, and the third could explore a "Future" path to meditate upon.
Stay tuned here for more videos about The Lilliput Tarot, we are adding new videos every week.

We also share lots of Tarot and Oracolarium content on our Patreon should you wish to join us on an adventure!

In order to explore new inspiration and to deepen your Tarot work, we invite you to explore The Lantern Collection book - it contains essays that will broaden your toolkit and give you tools that will take your readings to the next level! You can read what everyone's saying about The Lantern Collection in our shop.

We'd LOVE to know how you are getting on with your Lilliput Tarot - these little cards simply love having their picture taken, and we love to hear your news so don't be shy to tag us in your posts!!
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