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14     Deception     M

"Anyone who believes what the cat tells him deserves all he gets."  Neil Gaiman







Manipulation of facts and careful curation of reality with the intention of misleading others is a dangerous activity. Sometimes we must wear masks or clothes or armour to protect ourselves, but the more we hide ourselves from others, the more we lose sight of ourselves. Have compassion for those who feel unable to share their truth. Whenever possible, lead the way by being honest and vulnerable and authentic.

Nothing is ever certain, even in the darkest times. Remind yourself that darkness cannot drive out darkness - only light can do that. We must accept that if we are whole, and we light a candle, we will cast a shadow. Do not let fear of casting a shadow stop you from sharing the light that others need. It is only in the dark night that the stars can shine. Trust in yourself and the dark will have no power over you.


Anchor (Water) You always have the power to pause and change course. 

Spider (Dark) Lies are webs that can entangle us. The truth is what cuts us free from deception.

Snake (Dark) Hidden threats, betrayal, and poisonous words. But difficulties can be turned into opportunities.

Mask (Dark) True intentions or feelings are being hidden. Be honest with yourself.

Gargoyle (Dark) When our fears are given the throne, the world becomes darker. Seek light.

Poison (Dark) It is wise to identify, and protect against potentially toxic influences.





Deception is the specular world of Wisdom, here, everything is its opposite. The room is almost identical, but mirrored and where in Wisdom there is light, here, there is darkness. The room ends with a fierce and somber throne. Deception wants to rule over our emotions and rationality, deceiving us! It is a grim card, there is no joy, no serenity. The woman we see is a cruel Queen who is mocking us; her soul is as dark as the room with dark stone columns where she lives.



Deception is a monster with many tentacles trying to take us into its dark world where light is no more... it is an empty room, cold and decadent, only Deception's minions inhabit it. Beware!



In order to show someone controlling the masks of deception, we approached the amazing performance artist Lilly SnatchDragon, and we are thrilled at the truly Machiavellian energy this card has!

Lilly SnatchDragon's work often focusses on highlighting hypocrisy and double-standards, whether this is the absurdity of racist stereotypes, or the deceptions perpetuated by toxic patriarchal attitudes, or other unfair uses of power and identity in society. Drag is an art form that plays with gender stereotypes in a performative way. Burlesque is the art of gradually unmasking to reveal the truth - its roots are in satirical performances where an actor discarding symbols of power (a crown, rich clothes) could demonstrate how easily power can be stripped from anyone in society. A very clear warning that the lies people tell can be easily exposed, and the masks that they wear can easily slip. 

Can you see that Deception in many ways is the opposite of Wisdom? Have a close look at the differences and connections between these two powerful cards!

Discover more of Lilly SnatchDragon's world here: Lilly SnatchDragon


Deceptions, distortions of the truth, lies. A laid-back cat-like bluesy jazz ensemble echo in the moonlit alleyway, twisting and morphing as if seen through a smoky distorted lens. Is that the crackle of a record player, or are they radio signals? The wind is frozen in a howl. A piano and muted trumpet tease each other with misleading questions and unreliable answers. Do we dare to step into this seductive web of mixed messages? Where does the truth begin and end? What secrets are hiding behind masks? 


Peel back different layers of reality as you watch the movie Inception (trailer on YouTube)

... or perhaps even The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari !

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