The Oracolarium Team

Andrea Aste is a visionary multimedia artist using image (animation, painting, illustration, etc.) and writing to create immersive installations and exhibitions. To the world of Tarot, Aste is known as the author of The Lost Code of Tarot (Lo Scarabeo), a reach parallel world presented as real thanks to a full length fictional documentary. Aste’s works are been exhibited in important museums worldwide (Musee Grevin in Paris, Natural Science Museum in Turin, Italy) and at prestigious art kermess like Venice Biennale. After the great success as scene designer for international star Aruto Brachetti’s show, Aste relocated his studio in London where hi is collaborating with photographers, stage directors, graphic designers, architects, publishing houses, writers, art directors, on an international level.

Neil Kelso is an award-winning international performance artist. His practice combines live immersive theatrical experiences with intuition and divination systems such as tarot, palmistry, and cartomancy. His primary focus is conjuring a sense of wonder in the hearts and minds of his audiences, to nudge them towards discovering magic within themselves, whilst forming strong connections with each other and the wider cosmos. Based in London, but travelling worldwide, Neil Kelso is one of the most in-demand mystery entertainers performing today, regularly entertaining blue-chip multinationals, as well as performing on and off London’s West End, earning rave reviews at festivals and cabarets, and working as a consultant for scientists and theatrical producers.