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24     Clarity     C

"We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done."  Alan Turing







Withdrawal from the outer world to connect with inner wisdom. Go to a place where you can reflect. Breate-in the inspiration which you will carry with you and pay forwards. You may need to climb up through the clouds to reach the clarity above them. Accept support from structures you can stand upon - towers, temples, traditions, teachings, writings and stories. Plan ahead: use your imagination to test your next steps.

Only by doing will you discover. Theory will only offer so much, practical experience will complete your understanding. Collaborating with others to see through their experienced eyes will help you progress faster. Be the experienced eyes for others. If nobody has been this way before, leave a trail that others may follow. Be kind in the ways you provide truths to others, as it may be painful for them to leave their illusions behind.


Moon (Light) The Moon gives us clarity at night through creativity. It reflects light onto our path. 

Lightning (Fire) After a build-up of tension, a sudden release of energy and fire can clear the air.

Planet (Earth) We live on a planet. Planets are wanderers. We are most at-home on a journey.

Mask (Dark) Masks have a public face and a private face. Clarity comes when we embrace both.

Feather (Air) Clarity is embracing the truth with lightness and grace. A gentle acceptance.

Match (Fire) Danger and deadlines focus us by forcing us to prioritise what we will protect.





Clarity brings us to the top of the tallest pagoda, high in the sky, above a sea of clouds. Here nothing can impede our view; the air is thin and crystal clear, even the stars are brighter! The serene night scene is inspired by Japanese traditional paintings and woodblock prints (ukiyo). I love ukiyo, and above all the “Floating World” style, with its representation of everyday life in its ephemeral aspects, the buzz of cities and festivals, and courtesans with their subtle melancholy. It is a very introspective style where the scenes depicted reflect the inner states of the artist. Clarity is peaceful and contemplative, reflecting the deep meaning of the card.



The animation is a crescendo from darkness to light. We start looking to the card with a spyglass, being able to glimpse only details in the dark and then, suddenly, like a revelation or an intuition, the scene lights up. It is a magic moment and from the sky snow flakes made of light slowly fall: we have obtained Clarity!



In order to conjure this peaceful and contemplative card, we are honoured to collaborate with the mega-talented model Jacob Alexander, whose ability to powerfully embody and communicate thoughts, emotions and ideas with such clarity and elegance, brings a spark of pure magic to the card.

When modelling fashion for big brands, Jacob always has a magnetic presence, and here his peaceful pose combined with the glint in his eye invites us to join him in contemplation of the magic within us and all around us.

Thank you Jacob for this blissful moment up above the clouds!


We live in a digital age where the endless data can give us insights and clarity, or it can deceive and overwhelm us. By climbing up above the city to look down upon the busy activities scurrying around below, and we can finally understand what amongst it is helpful. It's windy up here. We can see for miles and we can sense changes in the weather before others can. Clarity is about taking time to tune-into what is truly useful for us and for those around us. It's about not allowing ourselves to fall into the temptation of exhausting ourselves by being busy doing things we don't particularly enjoy and for no good reason. Have focus, have purpose, or at the very least, have a nice time.


Discover the amazing beauty of Ukiyo-e at The Art of Japan website.

For Clarity, why not visit the iconic Judy Garland performance of Somewhere Over The Rainbow? (Link on Spotify)

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