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21     Lust     F

"Do not be ashamed that you want so much, yet at the same time do not fool yourself into thinking that what you want to day will be enough tomorrow."  Deepak Chopra







A single-minded wanting, craving, or desire to possess, consume, or devour something, or someone. The intoxicating thrill of chasing something (or someone) just outside our grasp. This totally emotional state can overwhelm our ability to reason. There is an important difference between a desire to connect and a desire to possess. Too little hunger and we don't grow, too much and we forget ourselves. How do we find balance?

Perfection is an illusion, but by visualising perfection we can more easily navigate our way to excellence. When we stay aware of, and connected to, the whole universe around us, we are able to know in our heart that the path we are choosing is a sincere and authentic choice. If we have closed all doors but one in our mind, then selfless love can turn into a toxic dependency. Stay grounded always. The Earth connects us all.


Planet (Earth) Know thyself. Remember where you have come from. Be proud of your roots.

Butterfly (Earth) True transformation comes not from the outside, but from within.

Anchor (Water) Go to the place where you feel most grounded and at-peace.

Key (Earth) Ask your heart what it yearns for. Understand this and you hold the key to happiness.

Diamond (Earth) Diamonds are precious to different people for different reasons. What do you value?

Fan (Air) Pace yourself and breathe to avoid burning out. Take regular breaks to cool down.





In the dead of the night, when only the moon walks in the silent sky, a burglar is feverishly intent on stealing a big sparkling gem: could it be... the famous Pink Panther diamond!? This card contains a homage to the late great Peter Sellers and his incredible talent for improvisation. When I was a kid I saw all his Pink Panther movies countless times. Chief Inspector Clouseau's relentless pursuit of justice (at all costs!) gave me the perfect reference for demonstrating Lust! The card shows a circular room, covered by a decorated dome supported by gigantic telamones. The dome culminates in a circular window that lets the moon shine in revealing the mischievous act about to happen.



The animation shows the diamond, well protected in its crystal case, as the point to where all the energies are attracted. The diamond bends the space, deforming it like a black hole, absorbing everything nearby. Lust is all about craving something that, at the end, dominates and posseses our mind in a dangerous way. Being driven by passion can be either a curse or a liberation....



In order to capture this extreme level of relentless pursuit, we knew we needed the amazing Kiki Lovechild!


Whether Kiki Lovechild is enlisting unsuspecting audience-members to help him enacting a death-defying James Bond-esque heist, or whether he is clambering through the audience to capture an elusive rare butterfly for his collection, Kiki Lovechild stops at nothing when there's a job to be done. The ensuing chaos and unexpected twists inevitably leave audiences in tears of hysterical laughter, because we see ourselves reflected on stage and can fully identify with the single-minded quest for success that we often find ourselves in. Kiki Lovechild perfectly encapsulates this. Have you spotted Kiki elsewhere in Oracolarium? Perhaps in Fear? Or maybe in Mystery?

Discover more of Kiki Lovechild's world at:


Lust and avarice had to be captured in an intense soundscape. Selfish desire and hunger are cold and calculating yet also captivating. Miserly behaviour is done alone and without harmony. Reducing the wonders of the world down to numbers and money can cause us to forget that everything is connected. The blood rushes in our ears and we can no longer hear what others tell us. Our heart beats louder and louder. Lust doesn't have beautiful music, it has intense visceral consequences. Breathless gasps. Compulsions. 


We think the sumptuous and poetic performance by Deepika Padukone's Bajirao Mastani (2015) perfectly captures the atmosphere of this card: Watch on YouTube.

Lust for power is a major theme in The Dark Crystal world: visit the Official Website.

Lust is set in a high-stakes heist. Examine the single-mindedness of thieves in The Hatton Garden Job movie trailer on YouTube

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