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13     Transmutation     N

"That's what alchemists do. They show that, when we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too."  Paulo Coelho







Transmutation is a change from one state of being to another. We can bring about transformations in the world if we begin first by changing ourselves. Choose an active role in the creation of the future. Be better than you were yesterday. You are powerful, so be sure to use your power to summon a future that benefits all rather than just some. Channel all your wisdom and magic and knowledge into the task at hand.

Times of change are opportunities but the also make us vulnerable in new ways. Hold tightly to your values and work hard to maintain strong relationships during challenging times. New challenges may emerge from the shadows, but focus on the resources near you, and do not be afraid to ask for help from trusted friends and experts. Don't forget to nurture the things that will stay the same whilst the world around them changes.


Spider (Dark) Before it can catch a fly, the spider must first build a web. Invest. Work. Connect. 

Moon (Light) The world is cyclical. Change is the only constant. A new beginning is coming.

Diamond (Earth) Love and eternity. Charity, fidelity and strong bonds are beautiful.

Fork (Fire) Changes can bring disagreements and the choosing of sides. Proceed carefully.

Book (Light) Keep a journal. Write a diary. Document the changing times for the future.

Bottle (Water) Stay connected to emotions so nothing is bottled-up for too long.





Transmutation lies at the centre of the deck, it is followed and preceded by the same number of cards, it is the equator line of the deck! “Double double toil and trouble/Fire burn and cauldron bubble.” a gigantic witchy cauldron the elements are dancing their ancient secret dance, combining together in a crystal gem, pure and sparkling. The room is open to the cosmos, through the colonnade a fright of ghosts is watching the scene. The Scottish play, the one no one dares to name fearing bad luck, was the inspiration of this card. I had in mind the three witches and their cauldron, of course. 

happpy 1.jpg


Trans-mutating elements is a secret spooky spell, it is the Philosopher Stone, the stone able to transform everything into gold! It is a beautiful metaphor of the act with which we can transform ourself in such a way to make everything in our life 'gold', that is to say, precious, special... With the video I wanted to represent the mystery of this deep change.



Mynxie's multitalented performances draw on drag, fire performance, goth and underground cultural aesthetics, burlesque, comedy and powerful music. As a DJ, Mynxie brings together music to curate an atmosphere that can transform the energy in the room in an instant. It is said that witchcraft is not about changing things, but about changing the energy around things so that they transform themselves. Music has this power over all of us.

We are very honoured to collaborate with Mynxie on this transformational card. It could be seen as a mid-point in the journey through Oracolarium, and could also be seen as corresponding to the 13th card in Tarot which is often called Death and traditionally represents cycles ending so new cycles can begin. Here we created a very different visual depiction of that cycle being transformed. Thank you Mynxie for this magical turning point!


Transmutation is an intense process of transformation from one to another. Neither state is lesser nor greater, though one may be more useful than another in a given context or perspective. The process itself is like a mathematical equation, symmetrical about the centre point. The musical composition is a palindrome - two melodies driving relentlessly towards each other, meeting in the middle, and continuing apart again. Acoustic and electronic instruments battle for superiority. Sounds play backwards and forwards. Seven beats per bar gives an impatience to the driving percussion. Around us the cosmos swirls and shadowy discordant figures gather to observe the transformation.


Find out more about the incredible Dr John Dee from The Royal College of Physicians on YouTube.

The incredible transmutation of Orlando in Virginia Woolf's book (which everyone should read) is performed by the incredible Tilda Swinton in the 1993 Movie. Watch the trailer on YouTube.

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