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"I believe in intuitions and inspirations... I sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know that I am."  Albert Einstein







Knowing something without having learned it. A moment of connection with a higher plan within our mind and our subconscious. Accepting wisdom from places that we can't see or understand. Allowing our instinct to guide us. What are your intuitions telling you? It may be important to entertain ideas without yet being able to rationally articulate them. Give yourself permission to explore everything intuitively.

When we reflect on our current situation, we are able to see things differently. It is possible in the same moment to see the same information from radically different perspectives. Gentle exploration of an intuition by examining it and testing it will either reveal it to be true, or it may crumble to reveal a deeper truth. You already know more than you realise. What is your intuition telling you? And what does that tell you about yourself? 


Book (Light) Studies and learning are lenses which sharpen and focus our intuition. 

Poison (Dark) Beware toxic influences which distort your view of reality. Examine the facts.

Clock (Fire) Intuitions transcend time - they journey effortlessly between past, present and future.

Planet (Earth) Your intuition knows where you belong and where you feel truly at-home.

Sun (Light) The Sun shines light in all directions. Allow it to confirm or to challenge your beliefs.

Cup (Water) The more you take care of your physical and emotional wellbeing, the more accurate your intuition becomes.





Intuition is such a difficult concept to describe and to show, it seemed almost impossible - I needed an intuition! :) I wanted to represent the concept in a surreal way, capturing the irrationality or inexplicability of an intuition. This is the visual that came to me. Two mirrored worlds collide in a single point, the little card in the middle of the scene, a card showing the same scene, repeating it ad infinitum (to infinity).
It is a Droste effect: it is the effect of a picture recursively appearing within itself, creating a loop which theoretically could go on forever.



The video shows the moment when the two worlds (the world of ideas and our reality) collide, when the intuition (the little card inside the card) comes to our plane of reality. It is surreal and whimsical, showing the unpredictability and the power of an intuition. The sailing-ship we see at the end of the video is a metaphor for our looking for something before having an intuition: it is like sailing the ocean looking for a new land.



Intuition is often mischaracterised as being a soft-skill or something that is always a bit vague, when in fact it can also be jarring, exciting and dangerous. So in order to explore the world of intuition we knew we needed to collaborate with a very specific set of qualities - someone fluent in the language of danger and whose practice connects different areas of art and culture, so we approached the extraordinary Double Guinness World Record Holding, Cabaret and Circus Performer, and Model, Roman Ackley. 

We knew we wanted to show the person in the moment of intuition when they are between worlds - neither fully in this world, nor fully in another. Roman's experience as a model, skill as an artist, and deep love of the arts and culture around the world infuses this collaboration. Careful or you may find yourself drawn very deeply into this scene yourself!

You can also see Roman Ackley in the Powerless card. What do you think these two cards tell us about acceptance and vulnerability and seeing the big picture?

Discover more of Roman Ackley's amazing world here: Roman Ackley


Intuition is a strange and incomprehensible phenomenon. Visceral gut instincts are hard to capture. What does intuition sound like? Rumbling suspicions? A jarring unsettling chromatic clattering? Things that go bump in the night? A growl of the wind? There is no rhyme or reason for intuition, and no ability to tell where it will come from next, or what it will feel like. We used instruments in unexpected ways to conjure strange sounds. Cymbals played with bows, the strings inside a piano cry out without a note having been pressed. Intuition is never what we expect.


Explore a fantastical and whimsical world of Intuition with Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency trailer on YouTube


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