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10     Evocation     Q

"Everyone thinks of changing the world,

but no one thinks of changing himself."  Leo Tolstoy







Your dreams may seem distant, but close your eyes and you are there. To manifest change in the world, begin within. Move your thoughts towards your dreams, then move your actions towards your dreams, you will summon allies to help you overcome obstacles. Invite friends. Together we are stronger. Summon memories, feelings, images and dreams. Everything can change, but be careful what you wish for. You have great power within you.

Everything was brought about through choices, coincidences, chance encounters, unexpected outcomes, and best guesses. How did we get here? Where did the current situation begin? Todays dreams are a foreshadowing of what we might accomplish tomorrow, but the future is not yet decided. Using recipes and spells that have proven themselves, we can reshape reality and manifest our desires. You are the curator of this gallery.


Butterfly (Earth) To transform, you may need to hide away from the world for a time. 

Gargoyle (Dark) Fear is a powerful motivator. Act on facts. Cast out malevolent forces.

Fish (Water) Prepare for good fortune, conception, creative new paths, and flexibility bringing abundance.

Lightning (Fire) This storm has been gathering, and it is time for the energy to release.

Book (Light) Stand on the shoulders of giants. Learn from ancient wisdom.

Candle (Light) Before the candle burns bright, it requires stillness, calm, and a spark of inspiration.





High columns, decorated with gargoyles, monsters, bizarre motifs and spooky capitals, cast deep shadows under a vaulted roof. We are inside the last floor of the Alchemist's tower. From the windows we can glimpse at the dawn. Evocation is an act of creation or self creation, a deep change, a powerful spell whose energy bends the space; the tiles of the floor are moving in waves making the columns dance to the rhythm of magic....



The card shows a mysterious room under a dim light, but the act of Evocation is an explosion of magic: we can create ourself only if we enter into the deepest and most obscure recesses of our soul! Although ghosts (they represent our fear) are flying around, the main character is serene, strong in her self confidence... She is re-creating herself, giving her soul and life a new shape, a new energy and purpose...



C.t Dreamer is a powerful intuitive artist, writer and creator. The card for Evocation might perhaps show the moment Oracolarium manifested into being - a tipping point of creation. We are honoured to feature this amazing human, because it was C.t Dreamer represents every special person who conjured a bridge that allowed the ancient traditions to meet each other. At the heart of Oracolarium is a dialogue between worlds. Everything that currently is, once wasn't. Evocation is the act of summoning from the realms of possibility into the sphere of inevitability.

A powerful act by a creator like C.t Dreamer reminds us that the magical ability to manifest is present within all of us, and if we trust our heart, and attune ourselves to the universe, we can play an important role in the accomplishing of great things. Thank you C.t Dreamer for this powerful lesson.


The things we tell ourselves often become true. Our words become our actions. The rattling of the typewriter keys as words are manifested on the page, letter by letter. Around us the cosmos is improvising new stories. The twinkling stars are learning to join the dots and form constellations. Glimpses of musical scales emerge and vanish again. When we write or speak with intention, the world around us responds. Think carefully what you focus your energy on, because it will send ripples out into the cosmos and your dreams may will come to life.


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