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The home of Oracolarium and Berith & Brimstone is London, UK - and the easiest way to reach the team is via this contact form.

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You can also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Support us on Patreon

Would you love to see behind-the-scenes in our laboratory?

Would you like like an invitation to our top-secret livestreams where we share our research and discoveries?

Do you like the sound of us helping you to create your very own magical Grimoire?

Well for this, and much much more you should check out our Patreon page!

As independent creatives, we rely on the support and patronage of our amazing backers. You helped to bring Oracolarium and Berith & Brimstone to life, and we are so very grateful to you all. We are committed to continuing the adventure of producing ever more magical delights for you.

Anyone able to support us through Patreon has access to exclusive behind the scenes insights into what we’re developing, as well as regular Tarot and Oracolarium readings, lessons, and tools. 

Find out about it all by visiting Berith & Brimstone on Patreon.

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