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26     Death     A

"What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly."  Lao Tzu







Everything that has a beginning will eventually have an ending, but it is often difficult to know the difference between an ending and a new beginning. We must face our mortality and live our lives to their fullest. Seize the day and accept the present moment. Endings can be painful. It's valid to grieve, and it's also important to keep living. We don't need to face tough times alone. The circle of life continues and the seasons change.

We all must let go of unhelpful ways of thinking, move on and embrace a cleansing revolution. Appreciate what remains. In stormy seas we can find calm if we remain present. Everything has a price and the price will be paid eventually. The universe is at once chaos and order. "The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly." Buddha


Lightning (Fire) Reaching a tipping point when tension builds to a necessary change. 

Clock (Fire) Tick tock. Endings. Deadlines. Make every second count. Make flexible plans.

Fork (Fire) Inviting you to take control, or to accept that you are facing a dilemma.

Flower (Earth) Life is fragile and precious. Cherish it, appreciate it, and be truthful.

Sword (Fire) At every moment you have the power to change your perspective. You are powerful.

Anchor (Water) Ground yourself. Anchor in deep water if you risk being carried onto rocks.





A ferocious tempest rages, wave after wave is hitting the majestic ship. A wisp of smoke is puffed from the funnel; the last breath. It is the end of the journey. Three cards are connected in a single story: Beginning, Decision and Death. We witnessed the glorious christening of the ocean liner (Beginning), we saw it in distress (Decision) and now in its final moments. Death ends the cycle. A new one can now begin...

Death is the only card where the colour blue is used. 



In the animation we see the ship sinking, but the mermaid brings our attention to the deep meaning of the card: death as the necessary end of a cycle. There can be a new beginning only after an end. In the hand of the mermaid we see a delicate butterfly flapping its wings, flying in the sky, untouched by the roaring tempest around it. A new cycle has begun.



We are deeply honoured to be collaborating with the iconic Mermaid Jolie - a real-life Mermaid who embodies the power, grace, and romantic poetry of the sea. Collaborating with the legendary Miss Jolie Papillon for this card is such a special delight for us because her glamour and enchanting sparkle open the door for deep new intelligent and emotive ways to interpret the Death card's empowering message of living life to the fullest.

Miss Jolie Papillon is renowned for her incredible performances on dry land which incorporate lots of sparkle and lots of splash! Whether she's performing a burlesque show stopping routine in a bathtub full of champagne, or enchanting audiences from her giant martini glass, nobody knows more about delivering a Big Finish than Miss Jolie Papillon!

To discover more of Miss Jolie Papillon's incredible world visit


A sea of emotions awaits us whenever we face endings of any sort. Who can teach us to navigate these waters better than someone who lives there. Compare the serene song of the mermaid to the intense music of Decision, and see how the same forces are always present. The melody sighs, and the timpani drum punctuates the endings of each phrase. Death is natural, and makes life possible. This song is a statement of acceptance that the Earth will continue to turn, that tides will ebb and flow, that the storms will pass, and that tomorrow the sun will rise on a new day. Always different, but always the same.


Immerse yourself in Schubert's Der Tod und das Mädchen (Listen to the Presto on Spotify)

And for an immortal song, why not sing along with Monty Python: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (and Death)!

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