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Welcome, seer!

Welcome to a deep-dive into what 2021 might hold for us all.

For our readings we often use the following decks (click the link for more information or to purchase them) but we invite you to experiment with other decks too:

The Tarot of Light and Shadow


You can peruse these spreads in the onscreen reader on this page, or if you click the link below you can download a PDF with all the information:

Click here to Downloads the Spreads.

What's Next?

We are sharing readings, spreads, deep research into Tarot & Oracles, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of what happens when we're creating decks.

We offer all kinds of delights from personal coaching to downloadable pages for your journal/grimoire on Patreon.

Click here to visit Berith and Brimstone on Patreon.


We also have a mailing list on our Contact Page which will keep you in-the-loop whenever we've got some big news to announce.

Finally, if you'd like to enquire about booking a reading or anything else at all, send us a message via the contact form - we'll be delighted to hear from you!

Most splendiferous wishes,


Andrea and Neil

Berith and Brimstone

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